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Saturday, August 21, 2010

K'NAAN - Take A Minute (Director: Amir Aziz)

I wish to make this blog, not so much, about me. Tonight, I saw K'NAAN perform on Austin City Limits. And, I must say, he was exquisite. This video provides a wonderful montage of historic figures, who have fought for the liberty of others. By the by, I also read a lot of Baudelaire today, and I'm including below a poem inspired by his Danse Macabre:


It may be his eyes were a field of violets,
Or redder than Hyacinth’s lips, to Apollo,
Sun to Hadrian’s kiss
In cloudy skies and neverness

He walked, his gaze an unknown shore.
A point in the night sky,
Beside stars who seemed to grow brighter,
In the light of his remorse.

Even youth in all its dawned dew
Will vapor into ether
Of something newer, a veil covering
His face, thin and diaphanous,

Evaporating time and space.
Hadrian loved his young dream,
A boy whose eyes’ omission,
Many a Lovelace, at the commission

Of some never place grew newer,
With each false lover erased.
But Hadrian could not see,
The remorse upon his boy’s lips,

The deadly kiss,
Of being forever, in the narrowness
That life, and mask, and role,
Defied, the narrowness of his Soul

Trapped behind his poisoned eyes!
The most infamous Lovelace took a mirror
And put it before this boy’s face,
And what could he see

But eyes of black, their blackened grace
The grace of carrying nothing,
An emptiness even space envied,
And time tried to traverse,

But nothing could traverse what seeing them
Saw, the Lovelace laughed, at this boy’s appall,
What was the world before the fall,
But a broken vault, from life’s thinnest pall?

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